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Delta Plus Coaching, Inc. (DPCI) was established in 2005 and has been serving industries for over 10 years. The founder and owner, Paul Sundby M.S., PMP, has managed projects in construction, agricultural and highly regulated industries such as nuclear, food, dairy, medical, pharma, and government research laboratories. Before starting DPCI, Sundby has been a Corporate Trainer in Project Management for GEA, An Engineering Manager/Project Manager for Niro Inc., Tetra Pak, and Vadnais Technologies.


Coaching positive change within an organization to encourage individual growth and to help create a healthy work environment where everyone can see value in their contributions.



Filling Machines, Labelers, Conveying, Packaging Material, Case Packers, Palletizers, Robotics, Cheese, Butter and Meat Processing


Liquid and Powder Process Equipment, Canning Lines, Farm Equipment, Sportsman Equipment, Lawn and Garden Equipment


Liquid and Powder Process Equipment, Infant Formula,
Freeze Drying


Nuclear Power, Emergency Systems


Project Management Training
and Coaching

Delta Plus Coaching, Inc. (DPCI) offers Project Management training that is customized to your organization’s needs and culture. DPCI recognizes that the level of Project Management structure established should not compromise the flexibility that gives your organization its competitive edge; however, it should provide enough structure to increase the efficiency of your limited resources.

Project Planning and Maintenance

DPCI is able to complement your Project Managers during the Planning Phase by facilitating the planning activities and creating a Project Plan. This service is especially important when multiple projects require planning and your resources are limited or you receive a project that requires a higher level of Project Management competence. Furthermore, DPCI can periodically review the project to ensure that the project is tracking according to the plan.

Project Recovery

Project Recovery can save a project from total ruin by planning an alternative course agreeable by all parties. DPCI provides the Project Management Leadership and non-biased status required to determine the reality of the situation, facilitate the planning of an alternative course, and coaching the transition of the new expectations.

Machine/Line Efficiency Recovery

Even the best run projects can have difficulties during commissioning and startup. Machine/line efficiencies can fall short of the expected goals due to equipment integration and un-reliable machine/line performance. DPCI provides facilitation of the Recovery Process as well as conducting root cause investigations to uncover key performance problems. DPCI is a neutral 3rd party to sort out the “fix-it” responsibilities between owner, equipment suppliers, and integrators. DPCI also provides Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that keep equipment running as expected across multiple shifts and operators.

Organization Processes Development

Not all change in a business or organization results in growth, however, growth requires change. Initiating positive change that results in profitable growth is difficult and many organizations experience a regression back to the original way of doing work. DPCI will develop, plan, and execute internal organizational improvement projects to ensure that the desired changes are integrated into your organization’s culture.

Equipment Performance Testing

DPCI is specialized in Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) as well as Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) on automated equipment. Our goal is to help our customers identify equipment challenges at the supplier (factory) where Engineers that developed the equipment can resolve issues quickly. During equipment start-up and commissioning, DPCI is able to be the neutral third party to substantiate equipment performance according to contract specifications.



The best way to ensure that positive change is effective and permanently incorporated into the organization’s culture is to ‘coach the training’. In chemistry, a catalyst is a substance added to reactants to modify and increase the rate of a desired reaction. Coaching is the catalyst that is added to the reactants (the organization and the desired positive change) to encourage ownership, provide leadership, and achieve growth.

Learning Requires Action

Each person has a preferred learning style: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. It is important that training is not only lecture (auditory) but mixed with visuals and hands-on application of the skills taught. Learning is most effective when a participant applies the new skills directly on their own project with one-on-one coaching from the instructor.

Company Wide Project Management

Project Management is not a topic that only Project Managers need to be concerned with. Upper management, middle management, sales, engineering, procurement, manufacturing and the project team must all be aware of their respective roles in projects in order to establish a higher level of project management competence in an organization.

Customized Training and Coaching

Off-site courses intended for a general audience can result in a daunting task of unpacking the newly learned information and applying it to one’s own organization. Busy schedules and resistance from co-workers can quickly dissolve any attempt to bring about a positive change and people quickly revert to their old ways. Positive change is better understood and accepted into an organization if it addresses the need, complements the culture, and has a coach leading the initiative.

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